What are Big Logz?

In a world of high tech computers, gaming and hand held devices, Big Logz offer “back to basics” learning and imaginative building experience. By getting children active again, Big Logz encourages their constructive ability and stimulates sensory integration. Big Logz provides and establishes a child’s ability to play cooperatively as well as educating and inventing fun ways to engage and create, which in turn reminds us that children need “hands-on” play.

Big Logz are a life-size building set consisting of “logs” that can be built into cabins, forts and structures, purposely torn down and built again. Just like the logs we all grew up with, only on a larger scale, a basic set consists of large “logs”, small “logs”, roof trusses and panels. The “logs” are lightweight, durable, water resistant and are safe for indoor and outdoor play. Big Logz are designed to appeal to children ages 3 to 103. Unlike inflatable toys, Big Logz are durable and long lasting due to their solid foam core.


  • Early Childhood Development
  • Corporate Events
  • Company Marketing
  • Community Rec Centers
  • Campgrounds
  • Daycares
  • Museums
  • Family Reunions
  • Campgrounds
  • Daycares
  • Museums
  • Family Reunions


“When preschoolers play with Big Logz they are engaging their gross motor skills as well as learning developmentally appropriate and critical metacognitive skills in a fun and creative way. Engaging play based learning using Big Logz provides more than just stimulated physical, social-emotional and creative development. Big Logz provides a literal and figurative construct through which children learn to explore the world, investigate properties and scaffold their understanding of the world in which they live. I highly recommend Big Logz as an instructional product for any institution or family.”
Michelle Delp, M.S., Early Childhood Education
“I love how light and easy to use they are.  It allows even young children to manipulate them and have fun!”
Kalie Vanderzyden, Director of Education, LaunchPAD Children's Museum, Sioux City, IA

“The Big Logz house has been a welcome addition to our construction zone. I love watching the kids park their cars, scooters and skateboards they built in the “garage”. I also like seeing the team work shown by the kids while they are building the house and maneuvering the logs.”

Sara Bunker, Discover Guide and Science Educator, LaunchPAD Children's Museum, Sioux City, IA
“We love having the Big Logz at our museum. Our young guests like the feeling that have super human strength and can lift large logs. Our older guests like the nostalgia of their childhood. And our staff love that they hold up well with all of the play and attention they get. They have been a great addition to our museum!”
Mike Mogard, Associate Director, Children's Museum of South Dakota